Corporate philosophy:
Quality assurance:
firmly establish the concept of "quality first", establish and  improve the ISO9001 quality assurance system, fully implement the national standards, industry standards and enterprise standards, carefully operate according to product manufacturing processes and operating procedures, make inspection records, and issue according to regulations Ex-factory certificate; replacement and return of products with quality problems.
Integrity management: Adhere to the "integrity-based" business principle, just sign and perform the contract faithfully, do not change the contract terms or reduce the agreed service items without authorization, and do not deceive and harm customers.
Eliminate counterfeiting: do not use counterfeit and shoddy raw materials to produce products, and do not produce counterfeit and shoddy products
Reasonable prices to benefit customers: reasonable product prices based on market conditions, so that customers make money, so that customers save money. Let customers and us become allies that we value each other, work together and develop together, so that more people can use healthy, environmentally friendly, hygienic, convenient and beautiful packaging supplies.

Company culture
Core values: unity and collaboration, awe for customers, active execution, results first
Management ideal: Strict quality inspection,
The characteristics of Reyworlds people: firm goal, simple focus, optimism and innovation!